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Santos Vaguada
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Irene Sánchez Parra
Irene Sánchez Parra
20:51 25 Mar 21
Once you have the Santos furniture at home, you realize that the wait is worth it and that it is very different from other brands. The treatment in the store is exquisite by all the staff. Isabel goes out of her way to make the best designs and make every request of the client possible. Pedro, both in the store and in the assembly process in which he intervenes, is charming. The quality of the furniture is exceptional and you enjoy your kitchen both seeing it (due to the elaborate design) and using it (due to the softness of the fittings). Without a doubt it is a place to entrust your kitchen. Many thanks to the Santos Vaguada team !!
12:28 15 Mar 21
The kitchen that they have made me is warm, cozy and very bright. With a minimalist design, practical and with a lot of storage space that gives me comfort when I work on it.
Julián García
Julián García
16:10 05 Feb 21
Professionalism from start to finish, impeccable service and good treatment.When we decided to install a new kitchen at home, we did the typical tour of different stores. Somewhat frustrated because what we liked seemed expensive to us, we sat down to reflect and realized that we use the kitchen several times a day and that as we all aspire to last 20 years or more, twice as much as a car.Santos Vaguada was the winning bet in our case. From the first moment they knew how to interpret our tastes and needs and they accompanied us in the difficult process of deciding the kitchen we wanted, functional, beautiful, adjusted to our needs and not too expensive. We have been very happy for a year and we hope to enjoy it for many more years.Apart from quality and design, there is an element that is essential for a kitchen to provide us with many years of pleasure without headaches and that is the installation and assembly of furniture and appliances. I have to say that I have never seen so much care and precision, the best tools, meticulous work without sparing time or resources and constant concern for the result.Our experience at Santos Vaguada has been excellent. Thank you all.
Josefa Postigo
Josefa Postigo
18:42 04 Feb 21
My experience has been very positive with Santos Vaguada. I wasn't really sure about putting my kitchen illusion in the hands of someone just for being close to my house. But, when Isabel called me to the store and told me with pride "we have made a beautiful design, you will like it" I was convinced that the renovation would go well and that after having used the kitchen for 32 years it was time to get into work and furniture. I highly recommend this establishment. The furniture is of excellent quality, deadlines have been met. Isabel and Ale provide solutions, ideas and some chocolate .... Pedro reviews the work of the reformer. In my opinion this team and Santos do a good job.
Astrid Wucherpfennig
Astrid Wucherpfennig
08:57 04 Feb 21
Delighted with your work!They helped us from start to finish with all the details and with all the patience in the world!The space we had was limited and they even managed to give us plenty of space!The assembly has been perfect and the love they put on it is very noticeable.The materials are of very good quality.Great after-sales service too, they respond to you at the minute!They are a great team of professionals and I would not hesitate to recommend them!Isabel, Ale, Astrid and Pedro, thank you very much for everything!
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En estas fechas ¿Cómo no hacer una receta especial para disfrutar con la familia? Así que hemos decidido dejaros para la receta del mes de Santos Vaguada un delicioso Roastbeef al Horno. Isabel nos trae esta receta tradicional de su familia nos enseñará paso a paso cómo hacer un plato para lucirnos en esa cena […]

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